... Mark was in love with Jenny the first day he saw her. They work together in the same team and have been very good friends. They usually talk about work and some of the personal life, Mark knows she is single, and wants to ask her out. But... is afraid of loosing a friend and a great colleague... it's been almost eight months but still he is not sure what is in her mind...

Today Jenny has returned from two weeks vacation, she tells Mark about her boyfriend she made during the vacation... There is a sad smile on Mark's face... he is not sure how to react... Seeing Mark's face Jenny speaks in her mind - "Mark I am sorry... but I waited for you for eight months..."

Are you like Mark or Jenny, who wants to break-ice but don't know how to do so? Most of the time we are not able to break the ice because we are not sure what is in other persons' mind and are afraid of spoiling the friendship and making fool of ourselves.

Lets101 has designed a new program specially for these type of situations.

You enter the email of the person with whom you want to break ice and we send an anonymous email to that person, and ask her/him to enter the email of the person with whom she/he would want to break ice. And if the entered email happen to match your email id, Perfect! we immediately let both of you know!

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