How Lets101 Works?

Lets101 has a 6-step process to help you find the right date. You’ll be automatically guided through these steps after registration. You also have the option to skip one or more of these steps.

The steps are as follows:

1. Profile Creation

You create your profile and at the same time set your preferences by answering some of our questions.

2. Uploading Pictures

You upload your recent photographs.

3. Powerful Personality Test

Based on the Jung-Myers-Briggs psychological model, this is a really interesting test and takes only a few minutes. I bet you will like it, it has been tested on number of couples and friends and has produced amazing results.

4, There are two ways to search dates on our system

a. Match Finder

We recommend this. Match finder is a powerful computer program which continuously searches day and night for the right date for you based on your match score and notifies you immediately on your email when it finds one.

b. Browse Profiles Yourself

You can search for profiles yourself based on available search criteria. We currently do not have option of search based on high match score since it is a very time consuming process and may take days for our computer system to give result. Also keep in mind most of the users do not make their profiles available for this search as they are looking for serious relationship and want their profile to be visible only to those with high match score with them. So you may not find good results in this search.

5. Tips and Advice section

We highly recommend you to read this section. Members who read usually have 300% more success in getting the dates and have a pleasant and comfortable relationship than those who do not.

6. Begin Communication

We are all open for you to begin communication anytime, you can call anyone anytime by his or her call-Id, or send a voicemail message or send email to anyone. However in the entire communication we do not disclose the actual phone number or email or any identifiable information of the members. Also to start the communication first time and for better chances of success we would recommend you to use our introductory system which would introduce two of you. Its very simple to use, just click on the “introduce us” button on user’s profile, which will be visible only if your match score is high.

It will prompt you options to ask few questions to your prospective date. And we send the message on your behalf to your prospective date and introduce you. We also ask your prospective date to listen to your introduction (so make it impressive) and asks her/him a right time she/he will be available to receive call from you and we send back you her/his response and right time to call.

Before starting any communication we also recommend you to read our article Identifying scammers and spammers to safeguard yourself to spammers and scammers.

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