little bear jr dague on face book
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little bear jr dague on face book
my name is little bear i do live in interlachen florida i did join the sites to find my real love im looking for a wife not a person to append on me to pay bills for them when i live on the black crow  indian nation the people teach me to work for everything in life ok they said if someone want something in life they need to work for it ok and not to ask people for it they said if you do you are a bum. i have two brothers and a mom and neece ok they live with me ok after my dad died my mom being white did not want to stay on the reservation so she took us back to interlachen florida my job is martial arts at cox judo academy the money really suck big time i just make enough to pay the bills ok my attitude is like wwe randy orton that keep me safe ok that is all about me no more to say if you want to be with me do so just come to interlachen florida and  i will meet you but i will not give no one no money to be with me do you understand the words coming from my mouth so be with me or go away i do not have time for bum ass question when i already answer them all ok from little bear i will not go to no sites or gmail you have to meet me face to face and have to live in interlachen only to text me 3869723076

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