"I Am Walkin On Sunshine"
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"I Am Walkin On Sunshine"

Hello Everyone,

I started my day by going outside and jogging for a mile, that makes me feel like I have the eye of the tiger, then I proceed to perform strecthes, stomach crutches and pushups, and finally finished the morning workout by lifting weights for tone.  That gives me that hard as a rock vibe, yes-sir I feel 100!

Took time to shower, relax, and then have breakfast.  Afterwards, I prepared to leave for the next level of my day, I was so hyped and ready to get down.  The jazz dance class was just starting as I arrived, here we go: 5-6-7-8, slide to the right, slide to the left, kick bc, then complete a fourth position pirourette turn, arms over head in first position, and then stop with arms outstreched with Bob Fosse jazz hands, You Feel Me?  That was the was warm up, now you know I am rockin and ready to take this marvelous day to the next flow!

To whomever may read this message, have a Million Dollar Day!

Blue Skies, 



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