You've been robbed, hoodwinked, bamboozled.
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You've been robbed, hoodwinked, bamboozled.

You don't value yourself as much as you should because no one has taught you to. You've been robbed because men don't talk to young boys anymore and teach them how to be real men so they either turn to the streets or the media to learn which is so wrong and beautiful, young sexy girls like you suffer and get robbed of an experience of a lifetime. It's not mystery to me that girls are in record numbers are starting to date girls. Guys now have lost the art of sensuality, touch and romance. You may not even  aware that you like this because young guys now are selfish and only concerned with their own self gratification. They jump on you, shove it in hurting you because he didn't take the time turn you on and make you horny and dripping wet. To be quite honest there is absolutely no need for lubricants like KY jelly because if he had ever so gently touched you and kissed you all over, and if they did to you what I love to do, l know I've lost you but l know how to make you dripping wet. Now I don't know who will enjoy this more you or me but I just can't resist getting a beautiful, sexy young girl to sit on myfaceand suck and lick your clit and eat your pussy until you spray cumin my mouthand running down my face. I want to make you scream when you cum in my mouth. I'm  hoping that by now you are reading this and touching yourself getting your fingers all wet. Sounds good to you? If so we seriously need to talk.

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